Reward yourself for showing up by doing exercises you enjoy

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Motivation is hard.

Fitness experts and personal trainers often don’t understand that the average person doesn’t have the fire in their belly to exercise every day and eat like a bikini model. It’s hard to make life about fitness when fitness isn’t your day job.

Which is why I recommend cheating.

Real motivation should come from within you, and if you don’t have it you should find it, grind it, crush it, snort it, and spit fire. Wake up at 4 AM, hand-slaughter a deer for breakfast, and clear-cut a quarter acre of forest for morning cardio. Every day. Rain…

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We are who we are, and while you can change what you know, what you do, and how you turn that knowledge into action, the who is there forever, and the why is almost completely unknowable. (*For the know-it-alls out there with an opinion about psychology or whatever, skip to the disclaimer at the bottom.)

I can’t say why I am the way I am, any more than I can explain why people drink themselves to death or why my co-workers can shamelessly collect a paycheck without lifting a finger. …


Comparing Yourself to Yourself May Set The Bar Too Low

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Everybody hates this argument, which is part of the reason I like it. It’s either so stupid that it offends your senses, or it triggers you because it’s true, in which case you should figure out why.

You know how I know “what other people think” actually does matter? Because there’s a ton of content out there saying the opposite. It’s like “body positivity” and “black lives matter” or “my six-year-old son identifies as a girl.” If you have to beat people over the head with it or censor those who claim otherwise, the argument is flawed.

If you suck…


From The Lion’s Mouth: Sean Whalen Vs The Helpless

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Sean Whalen has experienced failure — he has lost fights, money, marriage and worse. In the February 15, 2021 episode of TheMancardPodcast with Dave Hurt and Chris Tuttle, Whalen talks openly about some of these losses and how they nearly put him in an early grave — and what he did to turn it around.

“I don’t like the word hope,” he says at one point.

“It’s not definitive. It’s almost like magic, it’s just this idea that somehow some way without any type of action, without any type of movement, these things are magically going to be cured. Like…


“There Is No Evolution Without The Risk of Extinction” — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Image by Egor Shitikov

I’m finally making headway on my 2020 goal (a year later) of reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Incerto, starting with Skin In The Game, as it’s my wife’s favorite and (Antifragile will be the judge of this) the one that seems most up-my-alley.

The general concept, if I can take a stab at a simple synopsis, is that ethics and efficiency are only served if producers face the consequences of being wrong.

It’s not rocket science. The phrase “skin in the game” surely predates Taleb’s book. But it is profound in its simplicity — something you have to assume Mr.

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Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Some of mankind’s greatest inventions were accidents: Post-It notes, Penicillin, potato chips, just to name a few of the P’s.

I bring this up because I’m somewhat of an inventor myself. While I didn’t invent Jenga itself, I did invent Playing Jenga With Kids As A Confidence Booster, which is the same as Jenga, only you celebrate obnoxiously when they knock down the tower.

I didn’t sleep well the other night, got up late, groggy, tired, which led to a bad day at work, dragging ass, not motivated, boss breathing down my neck because he knows I’m dragging ass and…


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Nadine Shaabana, Unsplash

I used to joke that my father set the bar so low that I could just avoid jabbing my arms with needles, beating my wife, and blowing the couch through the living room window of my drug house, spurring a police encounter so absurd it ends up in an episode of the show Cops, and by comparison I’d be doing pretty well for myself.

I admit it’s not the funniest joke ever.

The point is, perspective matters.

We tend to punch up when comparing ourselves to others: he’s smarter, she’s prettier, they’re more successful. This isn’t necessarily bad — we…

What’s the do-gooder’s end-game in making winners of losers?

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Courtesy of Dave Hurt — @IAMDAVEHURT on Instagram

Until the equity police write a tell-all book explaining their intentions in rewriting the rules of academics and sports for today’s youth, we’re left to speculate, so speculate we must:

Who benefits when everyone wins a trophy? What lesson does it teach the winners versus the losers? What is the value of sparing losers the pain of loss and robbing winners the glory of victory?

“What’s the incentive to work hard if everyone gets a trophy?” — Dave Hurt, January 25, 2021, The Man Card Podcast

Let’s assume the unwritten rules of this sort of “community” approach to modern child-rearing…

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Bodybuilding isn’t known for its tender moments.

Like any sport performed at the upper echelons of competition, professional bodybuilding requires 24/7 dedication, torturous training regimens, years-long commitment, and a pain tolerance psychologists would call psychotic or super-human.

Standing at the finish line of every bodybuilding competition is a row of gigantic men, tanned and oiled and posing for the judges. But the lead-up to the flashing cameras and roaring crowds is not so pretty.

Everybody has been to a gym. Few have seen the level of self-mutilation that occurs at a gym full of professional athletes training for their livelihood.

Decoders Cash In On Funnier Phrases Found During Early Attempts to Crack the 50-Year Mystery

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One of the Zodiac Killer’s famous ciphers has finally been cracked. Unfortunately for the code crackers — and the population at large — the cipher turned out to be useless, and so the San Francisco-area serial killer, who took at least five lives in the 1960s and ’70s, remains at large.

While solving the cipher was no small feat, the pot at the end of the proverbial rainbow ended up being full of scribbled pages torn from a teenager’s diary.

The cracked code revealed nothing of the killer’s identity, whereabouts, motive, or information about victims. So banal was the discovery…

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