The West Will Fall From Purposelessness, Vice Is Merely A Symptom

About 15% of Americans are on anti-depressants. 23% admit to heavy or binge drinking. 4% of Americans abuse opioids. And about 20% of Americans report marijuana use.

Despite roughly half of the population deliberately poisoning itself, I don’t actually believe intoxication is the problem. As an advocate of personal responsibility, I wouldn’t welcome interventionism as a solution even if it was. Banning drugs and alcohol would do no more to curb misery than blaming guns for violence or forks for obesity.

We all have free will, and there are few people left in America who can honestly say they don’t…

Reward yourself for showing up by doing exercises you enjoy

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Motivation is hard.

Fitness experts and personal trainers often don’t understand that the average person doesn’t have the fire in their belly to exercise every day and eat like a bikini model. It’s hard to make life about fitness when fitness isn’t your day job.

Which is why I recommend cheating.

Real motivation should come from within you, and if you don’t have it you should find it, grind it, crush it, snort it, and spit fire. Wake up at 4 AM, hand-slaughter a deer for breakfast, and clear-cut a quarter acre of forest for morning cardio. Every day. Rain…

New Mexico is on track to be last in yet another performance metric. This time it’s not education, employment, or average income. It’s turning away federal unemployment insurance.

With at least 25 states already ending or scheduling the end of the additional $300 a week in federal unemployment insurance (UI), New Mexico has no such plans.

Here’s an explanation from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham:


The governor’s office of course has no statement on ending the additional UI money because the marketing brilliance of Democratic policy is that they never have to explain their rationale, but the reason isn’t complicated.

We like to pretend a few semesters at a liberal arts college can override thousands of years of naturally selected human behavior, that physical beauty is some kind of perverted social construct, a “ tool of oppression “ to keep spirits low and consumer spending high.

Whether or not you are conscious of it, appearance conveys important information about people, such as health, strength, fertility, and genetic resilience.

Complain all you want that the “beauty premium” is irrational, unfair, even sexist. Lament the ignorance of neanderthals who judge others based on looks rather than values, ethics, and the content of…

Helping solves everything.

Interventionism worked out wonderfully for Native Americans, whose culture is mostly relegated to movies and history books. It has been a boon to New Mexico education, which ranks second to last in the nation despite more ideas, studies, programs, resources, and taxpayer money year after year.

And it will be the cure-all for homelessness and the drug addiction, panhandling, and crime that plague Albuquerque.

“How about if we provide some kind of modular facilities, ‘bomb-proof’ like the Department of Transportation makes the rest-area facilities along freeways — maybe in recycled shipping containers — that house a couple…

The bare-faced brigade was three strong in a sea of masks. Me, an old guy getting limes and vodka, and a proud 20-something in a “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirt.

Walking around Wal-mart after New Mexico’s governor adopted the CDC’s new guidelines for masking, you have to wonder whether 52% of adults are fully vaccinated, as the governor alleges.

So few were our numbers that we noticed each other immediately, everybody else noticed us immediately, and everybody noticing us noticed each other noticing us.

Masked or unmasked, we were all asking ourselves, if for different reasons, What is wrong with…

Everyone has an opinion on officer involved shootings. Few people have been in one.

Bridging the gap between theory and reality creates understanding between the police and the communities they protect.

The effects of adrenaline on the brain can result in tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, time distortion, and a decrease in fine motor skills. The body feels a surge of energy, eyes widen, blood pumps faster, muscles tense, breath is faster, and hands tremble.

These factors explain why some officers mistake the small shiny object in a suspect’s hands as a weapon rather than a cellphone, especially when…

“Do not do for others what they can do for themselves.”

“Without risk of extinction, there is no evolution.”

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailer.”

All of these quotes speak to the same so-called “universal truth,” which apparently isn’t that universal if the City of Albuquerque doesn’t get it.

Despite more and more resources, funding, programs, studies, shelters, food and busing and housing options, the City of Albuquerque’s efforts to combat homelessness have fallen flat.

In fact, they’ve had the opposite effect. A study funded by the city found that homelessness quadrupled between 2013 and 2020.

Only politicians…

FDA warns against horse drugs

The misleading headline at KRQE read, “San Juan Regional Medical Center warns against use of ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment.”

The hospital is urging the public to be wary of COVID-19 treatments that “aren’t authorized or approved by the FDA.”

They don’t mean emergency-use-authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines, which also lack full approval of the FDA. The warning was issued in response to patients coming into the hospital after using ivermectin intended for horses.

Ivermectin itself does have full approval of the FDA as an anti-parasitic medication, and clinical trials found that its use was “safe and effective” in treating adult patients…

Lawsuit Against UNM Proves Greed Pays

via The Albuquerque Journal

A man tripped on the asphalt in the University of New Mexico Stadium parking lot, hit his head, and died.

It doesn’t matter who he was.

It doesn’t matter how old he was.

It really shouldn’t matter if there was “a buildup of asphalt” on the asphalt.

It’s asphalt!

“Negligence” is leaving a dog in a hot car. It’s shooting a gun in the air and killing someone a mile away. It’s texting and driving.

Negligence isn’t failing to run a level over every bump in your parking lot just to maintain business operations.

Tragedies happen, but bilking taxpayers in…

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