The West Will Fall From Purposelessness, Vice Is Merely A Symptom

About 15% of Americans are on anti-depressants. 23% admit to heavy or binge drinking. 4% of Americans abuse opioids. And about 20% of Americans report marijuana use.

Despite roughly half of the population deliberately poisoning itself, I don’t actually believe intoxication is the problem. As an advocate of personal responsibility, I wouldn’t welcome interventionism as a solution even if it was. Banning drugs and alcohol would do no more to curb misery than blaming guns for violence or forks for obesity.

We all have free will, and there are few people left in America who can honestly say they don’t…

Reward yourself for showing up by doing exercises you enjoy

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Motivation is hard.

Fitness experts and personal trainers often don’t understand that the average person doesn’t have the fire in their belly to exercise every day and eat like a bikini model. It’s hard to make life about fitness when fitness isn’t your day job.

Which is why I recommend cheating.

Real motivation should come from within you, and if you don’t have it you should find it, grind it, crush it, snort it, and spit fire. Wake up at 4 AM, hand-slaughter a deer for breakfast, and clear-cut a quarter acre of forest for morning cardio. Every day. Rain…

I’m reading Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men.” This is my jam.

I tried reading “Bronze Age Mindset” but got 30 pages in and hadn’t retained a word of it. The author writes in choppy English, so I stumbled and bumbled along, unable to hold on to any thread longer than a few paragraphs. I don’t mean to be insensitive (it comes naturally); the dude probably isn’t a native English speaker, it’s just hard read when words missing what seems every other sentence. If you’re going to write in English, write in English. Otherwise get a translator. …

I’ve never had a good work-life balance. I was never one to put in just enough hours to justify a good enough paycheck. Even when I made shit money, and that was most of my life, moderation didn’t come into it. I still scoff at people who aren’t in Human Resources who use the term “work-life balance.” Get out of here with that wimpy shit.

I was always on the go: playing basketball for eight, ten, twelve hours a day during the summer, then going to work washing dishes and busing tables until midnight. Full-time college student, full-time janitor, pulling…


There are no unscathed heroes. They fight well but womanize. They are great actors but on the wrong side of politics. They write masterfully but drink too much. They are powerful speakers but terrible fathers.

One by one as we’ve invaded the lives of history’s greatest men and cut them down at the knee, “humanizing” them, destroying the fire of their greatness that burned in our memories as children and as young men.

Maybe it’s a lesson we all have to learn — about our own fathers and about ourselves, a grounding, a necessary perspective about the inherent flaws of…


‘Homework For Men’ Assignment: Litter Pickup

I am opposed to giving money to bums.

When I was in college, a junkie begged me for five dollars to catch a bus to visit his sister in the hospital. I have sisters. I love them. I bought the story and I paid him five bucks. The next day at the same street corner the same guy told the same story. I know how much bus tickets cost.

I told him to go fuck himself and haven’t given a beggar money since, but my reasoning isn’t purely anecdotal.

When the state funds the essentials and the citizenry funds the…


Homework For Men Assignment: Subscribe To Your Local Newspaper

You’re not a celebrity bro.

You’re not going to be.

If you’re reading this as a follower of the page you probably don’t want to be. This is average dude shit. It’s good man shit. It’s master of self, protector of family, chief operating officer of the homestead (and head laborer), it’s neighborhood do-gooder shit, striving for personal excellence, not fame.

We’ve become obsessed with people, with personalities, with manufactured scandals and fabricated conflict. …

Homework For Men is just that. It’s homework. For men. The purpose is to get men off the couch, outside, and doing good — for their own bodies and minds, for their families, for their communities.

Everywhere you look these days there’s a solution to big issues. Everybody has a hot take on what the U.S. government did wrong here, what the European Union should done there, why your governor’s an idiot and that Ever Given ship captain should have steered straighter.

We’re over-concerned with the global and disconnected from the local, the things we can control — and by…

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

I saw this quote recently, attributed to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

I wanted it to be true but knew it wasn’t.

The quote comes from David McCullough Jr., an English teacher at Wellesley High School, from a speech to the graduating class of 2012. …

In a rant on his Timcast IRL “Biden Admin To Roll Out Vaccine Passport, GOP Says NO WAY w/Cassandra Fairbanks” Tim Pool delivered an epic rant about the loss of Rugged Individualism that Made America Great.

“My (proper respect) to all the immigrants who are climbing mountains and riding trains and wandering through 90 miles of desert to get here, because those people have more pioneer blood in them than most of these urban progressives and suburban uppity-do liberals who are like, ‘I’d rather just be safe.’ These people are like, ‘I’m going to cross a mountain and rip my…

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