Sheriff Dongcopter? Sex Toy Drone Operator Is On the Ballot in New Mexico

3 min readMay 19, 2022

The Albuquerque Journal ‘s Editorial Board has issued its endorsements for Bernalillo County Sheriff.

Concluding its endorsement in the Democrat primary for John D. Allen, the board dropped this gem: “The winner faces the GOP primary winner and Libertarian Kaelan Ashby Dreyer in the general election.”

For the politics junkies out there — and for current sheriff Manny Gonzales, no doubt — the name rings a bell (pun intended).

As it turns out, the Libertarian candidate for Bernalillo County sheriff is the same person who once drove a dildo-dangling drone over Gonzales’ campaign event when he ran for Albuquerque mayor in 2021 — then assaulted the sheriff when his unmanned personal aircraft was swatted down by the venue owner.

Yes. That Kaelan Ashby Dreyer.

“After the venue’s owner grabbed the drone from the sky a man, later identified as 20-year-old Kaelan Ashby Dreyer, tried to get it back, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court.

During an ensuing scuffle, deputies say, Dreyer was ‘swinging his balled up fist at Manuel Gonzales III’ and yelling ‘he’s a tyrant’ and the Bernalillo County sheriff was struck in the arm.

“Dreyer was booked into jail on charges of petty misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.”

- Albuquerque Journal, “Accusations, denials fly in sex toy stunt,” June 21, 2021

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, Dreyer is indeed on the ballot in the 2022 race for sheriff. Though he doesn’t have a website, and his Facebook page hasn’t been updated in six months, if someone is so inclined to host a sheriff candidate debate, it’s guaranteed to be the best TV since Manny Gonzales accused the incumbent mayor Tim Keller of schtooping an intern on live television.

Calling himself the “autistic cowpoke,” Dreyer has built an impressive following on offering advice to people who don’t know how to Google.


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